Submit Ticket from tray

Hi, new to this so, if a user creates a ticket from the tray icon it seems to be created with the admin email address. is there a way to associate a user/email to a pc so when a ticket is created it has the users email in?

Cheers James.

I have not found a way to do this, what I do is instruct them to check the details box, and since most people use the same system, I know who they are, and add them to the ticket later. This is a long way around the way to do it, but the ticket would have to ask for an email address, and I have several users that do not even have company emails. This opens a whole different issue, since I believe that they have to have an email address to be added to the service desk system.

Ok, so you cant reply direct from the ticket created then as besically you would be replying to yourself … HMM. can we have this as a request please…
In ITSM i have created a user and set that user as the owner of their PC, this user has an email can we get the tray icon to create the ticket based on the owner and then the email would be correct.?

Hi @dittoit

This is a welcome suggestion. We will escalate this feature request and will send an email for updates.

@BOSS also raised an interesting concern about users without emails, which we can include in the request.

Thank you.

The answer to this problem is simple. I made the same mistake.

You need to create a user for each “end user” in ITSM and then map end-user account by changing the owner of the endpoint. Then when they create a ticket with the tray icon it will be from the “owner” of the endpoint in ITSM. That’s why it now comes from admin.

This also solves the problem of someone calling your helpdesk and your helpdesk not being sure which computer at that company is theirs…

It’s in the documentation, but the UI isn’t really intuitive enough in explaining this so I think most people create one “company account” and make it own all that company’s devices, which isn’t really the ‘right’ way to do it.

I already did this. The owner is showing as the user and that user has an email but the ticket still came from the admin. I will test again later perhaps it takes some time to update ??

Can you link to the documentation please @indieserve

Hi Dittoit… I am not sure where it is, just check the general c1 documentation. It may or may not be in there…

So, create a user in ITSM, the make the user the owner, when they creat a ticket it has their email :slight_smile:


Unfortunately end users can not create a ticket from a system tray icon.

They can create tickets by email or by help portal.

Hello @Jamie298,

We would like to further investigate and gather additional details with the issue that you have reported. We have created a support ticket for you for and please feel free to respond to the support ticket. Thank you

Not one to bump an old thread but for those who may be searching, at least from my experience the following process will allow the user of the endpoint to submit a ticket using the system tray icon and allow generation of a “Guest” user in Service Desk upon ticket submission if the user does not have a registered account.

Note that this is still limited to who is specified as the device owner in ITSM, so this won’t capture the correct e-mail if you’re supporting a specific user versus the device itself in a multi-user environment where users outweigh the number of endpoints.

If using the MSP platform there are a few steps you’ll need to take to have everything line up nicely:

  • In the Comodo One portal, create a new Customer under Management > Customers. This process will create a default group in ITSM for their devices, an organization within Service Desk and Dome Shield.
  • In ITSM, create a new user under Users > User List > Create User. Fill in the User Name, E-mail Address, then choose the customer from the Company field and assign them the User role.
  • In ITSM, navigate to Devices > Device List, select the devices that you want to change ownership of, and then click on Owner in the toolbar followed by Change Owner.
  • Type in the customer's name and click Change.
  • You may also choose to create a Service Desk account and send an activation email or temporary password to them at this time. To do this, navigate to Service Desk > Users > User Directory > Add New User and then complete the form details.
It may take a few minutes for the changes to be pushed down to the device.