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Good morning,
I am happy to see that the submit ticket option had become available. I was use to this feature with other MSP solutions, such as Labtech. Although, it is a great tool it is missing something…

When a user submits a ticket there is no way to tell what User submitted the ticket. Without gathering user information, such as name and email, there is no way to communicate with them via that service desk.

Within my example, Labtech, if the ticket is sent from a workstation within a Domain that the Active Directory information is submitted with user contact details. If they are not within a domain the user is able to input there contact information.

Getting the ticket is great, but you may need to communicate with the end user or even update them on the status of the ticket. Without contact information, the ticket is opened with the default system contact. This is no different then System Generated tickets.

I hope you can update the platform to include the ability to capture the AD logged in users contact information or if in a workgroup, allow the user to input the contact information.

Please advise

Thank you.

I would also hope that the end user has the ability to manually add or update their contact information to the ticket request if they are within or not within a domain environment. For obvious reasons when the customer is not in a domain, but for an example why this ability is important when in a domain is when one of the MSP customers has workstation(s) that use a general login for community use. The general login profile within Active Directory may or may not provide the best contact information for the actual user who submitted the ticket.