Suggestions and issues

I know agent option is disabled but it would be helpful to have the option to have it show an icon in the task bar so users could right click and be able to open a ticket easily. Also the patch management never will install on any computer I try. It installs the RMM but stops at 50% and never installs the patch management. I sent a email to help desk but never got a response. Other than that great product.


We will forward your request for the agent functionality to the development team.

Regarding the Patch Management, the RMM download manager issue is already under investigation and in the meantime, if you wish to install the Patch Management agent, please follow the steps from here:

We will get back to you as soon as we have a status update.

@Ccr I have also noticed the patch management stalling at 50% but have found that installing it in the correct manner (admin command prompt and then the command detailed in the above link) and then just leave it running, takes a while but does eventually complete.


Yes I’ve also seen this issue and been getting around it the same as @msitcmatt

Ok thank you for all your help. I will try this.

Hi @Ccr

regarding the feature request, please also vote on its poll. It was requested and created before:

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