Suggestions for Itarian Dashboard

Is it possible to get some improvements to the Itarian dashboard for better reporting on what endpoints have potential issues?

  • A graph that shows how many machines have current active monitors vs machines with no monitors active would be nice.
  • A table that shows top # of endpoints that have triggered the most monitors within last 30 days, to track problematic machines that could be experiencing reoccurring issues would be nice.
  • Could we get an status icon for endpoints in the Endpoint Manager device list - that indicates if the endpoint has monitor that is currently active/on? Maybe like a Red dot or Yellow exclamation next to it?
I know we have alerts that help you get notified when the issues occur but they dont necessarily indicate that the issue is still active. Having metrics available like I explained, help us see at a glance which endpoints need to be addressed and would be really helpful when making sure we are resolving endpoint issues.