Supertool 2 :) - Layered customer's infrastructure scheme

This is not enough. And this also. We need both and more.

I think we all need described below tool. Today we taked to service new customer and zoo we find make me cry… How to describe everything?

Each CI has different types of relations (child/parent/same-level):

  • Hardware - PC [CPU,HDD,RAM, etc...]; MFP [cartridge; chips]
  • Software - Server -> Connected PCs; User accounts [logins, passwords]; licenses; - show only assigned stuff
  • Network - Local network, shared folders, switches, routers, backup channels;
  • Shared resources (NAS, network printers, etc)
  • Actions - available actions for this CI type.
For start (for idea understanding) enough.

So I think we need structure scheme that looks like some kind of mind-map or structured scheme with tags-layers & filters.

How it should work:
We describe all CIs relations at scheme. Linking devices, networks to devices, software to devices, devices to other devices, etc… Any mind-map software can do it.
But we need layers. For example, Layer 1: Hardware, Layer 2: Software, Layer 3: User accounts. And use filters.

Some examples:

Ex 1. Organization name 069-ACME.
We disable all layers except Network and Hardware, set Organization filter to 069 and see at scheme customer’s network infrastructure.

Ex 2. Choose [Layer Shared resources] + [Layer User accounts] + [Filter ACME] = we will see scheme of all shared resources + logins + passwords.

Ex 3. Remain layers [devices] and [actions] + Filter [Type of service + organization name] we can see scheduled services and start workflow from here.

Except graph layout will be usefull if tool will provide reports generating - lists, tables, etc…

Tool can resolve many big problems with customers CIs management. Please think about it, tell what I missed. And what do you think about this feature request?

P.S.: I can’t find any existing mind-map tools with layers-functionality.

… and of course all nodes should be filtered by current user access rights

Another layer to this scheme:…ices-placement

Also layers are:

  • monitoring sensors
  • alerts
  • overdue …
  • parts existing for devices



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