Supervised iOS

I was playing around with the Comodo iOS settings. I successfully enrolled the device with a profile I created for a couple WIFI only devices on our shop floor. However most of the settings require the device to be supervised. Comodo does not have the ability to supervise devices and doesn’t recommend ways of getting the device in supervised mode.

We use Maas360 for our normal ATT and Verizon phones but dont want to waste a license for these WIFI only devices.

What I dont understand is how to get the device under supervised mode without using a license of something like Maas360 and if I was going to do that, why wouldn’t I just manage it with Maas360.

I guess I dont understand the use case scenario for installing a crippled management tool on my iOS devices.

Does anyone use Comodo to manage their iOS devices? If so what is your setup like?

Hello @matthew.hedtcke
We suggest using the Apple Configurator 2 to put your iOS devices into Supervised Mode.

How to Put an iPhone or iPad into “Supervised Mode”

Just in case, here is a help guide for Profiles specific to iOS devices.

Thanks, that’s not an option for me as we dont have access to a Mac.