Support is unacceptable

I cant believe how bad Itarian support is.

Called today since something didnt work as expected.
Has to do with role management.

Support answered and told me that I have to set it up in role management, etc.
Told him I have done that but its not working as expected but not sure I did it right.
Told me he can’t help me and I have to send an email.

Wouldnt even go over the settings with me. Point blank refused.

Told me only thing I can do is to send email to development.
I asked him to actually help me here and go over settings but he refused that too.
I asked him to transfer me to someone that could try to help, he refused that too.
When I asked for his name he hung up on me.

Not the first time we crappy support from Itarian.

I can’t recommend this product to anyone with this type of response from their own support staff.


Hi there,

I apologize on behalf of ITarian - this is not how we operate at all. Could you please send me an email to so I can rectify this situation immediately.


I did email support earlier and I just emailed you.

I wish this was the first time I have had bad phone support but its more the norm then exception.

So much potential but such a poor execution.

By the way, the auto response I got from sending email to support has a link to a 404 not found page to check status.
I wish I could say I was surprised but this is getting really frustrating to deal with.

Hi @smartcloud ,

We have sent an email to you for a quick remote assistance. Can you check your email please? :):slight_smile:



got it and responded.
thank you sir.

Hi @smartcloud ,

Thank you for working with me on fixing your issue. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us via should you need anything else and we will make sure to resolve your issue as quickly as we can. Additionally, please check this article for future reference ( Rest assured that we will always go all-out for you when you need us.