Support Non-Existant - Class Action Lawsuit

Perhaps it is time to file a Class Action Lawsuit against this company? I depend on these services as anyone who dependably utilizes remote control does- to run their business. It is the #1 service used by IT professionals. When it fails to work or there is an issue, it costs my company money. When this happens enough and clients are unable to receive support from me- I then lose that client because I was unable to do my Job effectively. I expect quick response times from “24/7” support, as you advertise it. I have tickets I have never received responses on. The last few days I have been unable to utilize my services and I have tried your Web chat, Tickets, Emails and Phone calls- NO ONE ANSWERS. If you cannot support a product you provide, throw in the towel- refund everyone money and stop pretending to be a service provider.

If you have had similar issues lately, please- even if you do not have an account on the forums- create one and respond to this thread. Something like this requires support from those that use this service. Please outline your experiences in detail.

Thank you,

Derick K.

I am evaluating the idea of using ITarian, but have seen a couple of forum posts that concern me. This one seems particularly distraught so thought it might be a good place to start trying to figure out the viability of using this suite as an MSP. Can you @Derick_K , or any other forum members, offer any recommendations for using ATarian as an MSP with over 2000 end points?

Hello @AWilson,

This is Ilgaz. I am the product manager of ITarian Endpoint Manager. First of all, thank you very much for considering ITarian Platform as an option.

We have a fully dedicated support team giving 24/7 assistance on any issue that you may ever face. You can always contact our support team via or through phone: +1 877-422-3865.

Last year, for a short period of time, we had some support problems. We have then completely reviewed and restructured our support processes. Since then, we are strictly measuring our support issues with metrics to be able to follow up on each case deeply and make sure that all of our customers are happy and all the issues reported are closed within a very short time.

If you need any help about ITarian Platform or sales, you can also contact us directly via or our Sales and Partner Success team via or through phone: +1 844-220-2223 .

We are always here for you to help you grow your business.

Best regards,
Ilgaz Yucecengiz
Senior Technical Product Manager
Endpoint Manager, ITarian

Every MSP gets an account manager as a Point of Contact (US and UK based Account Managers). This is on top of 24/7 support operation.
If you haven’t got your account manager please ping me to make sure you are appointed one asap!
Looking after MSPs is “THE MOST IMPORTANT THING” for Itarian.
We are not perfect, noone is, but we strive for perfection and will always be there for you!

I appreciate the feedback that I have gotten from ITarian. I find it odd that there is no activity in these forums. Is there another place that users are gathering to share feedback and ideas about how to use the products?

There is a few places. most people just raise tickets now. But there is a However using this service for the last few years i’m impressed at the way their support is actually working and that i can speak to my account manager and get things done.

My personal experience with support is not good and I have posted about it before.
I have no idea who our account manager is, why dont I know that?

Having said that, Im liking the way Itarian is going.
I think its been better for a while then it used to be.

My limited experience with support has actually been really good. My perspective is 25 years in IT and the current head of Global Tech support for a corporate investment firm, who is transitioning into a 1 man MSP after 25 years in corporate. Every single question and issue that I’ve encountered has been addressed and in quick manner. Just my .02 cents

My experience with support isnt very good and I have very little faith in support.

Just tonight I enquired about the new wake on lan function not being available.
Says it requires com version 6.39 but the latest version that came out yesterday is

Communication Client



I contacted support tonight and got this as a response


We regret for any inconvenience which is caused to you, In order to wake the computer on LAN, please check with the following links for the procedure to turn on.……

Those are scripts from 2017.
Nothing to do with the new function.

Not the first time I have encountered this type of poor support.
I find it so lack luster I refrain from contacting support.
Its one of the things that is making us reconsidering Itarian.
That an scripts thats outdated and does no longer work.
I dont think that we should have to try many scripts to find one that actually works.

The response tonight was fast but totally worthless and just frustrating.

While I think Itarian is getting better and I see big potential, its a frustrating process.

Hello @smartcloud ,

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

As you may already know that we released new features on US cloud portal yesterday, and today we are releasing EU cloud portal and agents. Please find related post here:…2020#post55091

WoL requires the latest agent version (6.39) which is being released today along with the EU cloud portal. You will be able to update to the latest version today. After updating to the latest agent, you will be able to use the WoL feature.

If you have any other questions, I would be more than happy to assist.

Best regards,

Why wouldnt the release notes state this?

Also, more important - Why doesnt your support staff know this, why dont they know about this feature?

Hello @smartcloud ,

This information is given over the release candidate topic link that I’ve shared on the previous post.

It seems that there was a misunderstanding about your inquiry, and we are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience regarding this.

Best regards,

You totally missed the point.
Sure you posted it but why didnt you share it with your support staff?
You dont think they need to know.

I haven’t read all the replies yet, but I think the “Class Action lawsuit” is a bit drastic isn’t it? I’ve been an MSP with iTarian for a couple years now and have had nothing but the best results. I have a great person to talk to when I have questions. Sometimes they even answer me when they are off the clock as well. To go a step further the CEO of the company answers my questions from time to time as well. I for one would not be open to a class action lawsuit. Instead I would be asking what your issues are with them and trying to help fix them. Maybe you have a bad account manager and something needs to be done.

For the one who was considering using iTarian, I’d say do it. I moved from Solarwinds a couple of years ago and couldn’t be happier.

Well, we haven’t had any issues with using the platform. The platform is a very complex form of sub systems integrated together. Our only angst is the Service Desk portal is not mobile friendly on the external client side but the ticket system is sophisticated enough to empower us to monitor things really fast when used in conjunction with procedures and monitors. We have been getting scripts from the scripts repository and modifying them and even writing some of our own to build a fairly robust management and monitoring system that meets our needs and the needs of our clients. The Advanced Endpoint Protection is hands down superior to anything else out there and when you combine it with the Endpoint Detection and Response, we can get as granular as telling you how many times all the microphones on your network was accessed on what dates and times and by what processes. The interface is very MySQL and similar databases like in the EDR, which is fine with us because we do software just as easily as hardware. I have actually spoken with lead software engineers directly from Comodo in the past and they are willing to work with us on customizations that we are interested in.

The platform, due to its sophistication is not for the week of heart and it will take a good deal of time put into it to make it work for you but that’s true of any platform. Microsoft 365 is the same exact way and its written for end users but the sub systems of Microsoft 365 is so sophisticated and complex that it really needs managed by people who can dive into the guts of the platform. Same with ITarian.

On the occasions that we do need support, we just shoot out an email and we get a response and routing of our ticket fairly quickly. If anyone is slow to respond to the ticket, it is us when they ask us to do something to gather more information or attempt a troubleshooting step. We are quite satisfied especially with the regular routine updates to the platform.

We rewrote the UAC monitor script, for example, to check three registry entries in Windows. One to verify it is enabled, another to check if it is set to use secure desktop when prompting to allow a change and third to verify that it is actually set to prompt for elevated access. Being enabled doesn’t necessarily mean it is working as recommended. Also rewrote the check Windows 10 feature update/build script. Modified it to check that we are looking at a Windows 10 Pro, Home or Business before checking if it is the latest build (20H2/2009). This way it doesn’t trigger an alert when it runs against a server or Lord help us, a Windows 7 endpoint. Plan to modify it some more to identify those Windows platforms later.

We have developed SOPs for developing, testing and releasing new procedures and monitors for our platform tenant and have began versioning our ITSM profile and not introducing changes into existing profiles but creating all new cloned profiles that we test on VMs before releasing and then stage release into the public domain of our clients.

I would like to know how to submit scripts to the scripts site so we can start contributing to the community on here. When I try logging into the scripts site it just redirects me back to our own ITSM dashboard in ITarian. I’m a PHP MySQL kind of guy myself, but have been leaning a lot of PowerShell and Python of late.

Hi @fastassist,

Thank you so much for taking time to provide feedback. Your inputs will help us to make our product better.

You can submit your scripts here, we will upload the scripts in scripts site after review by our script developers.

Kind Regards,