support not answering

Good day,

I am trying to get some answers from support, but they seem to be sleeping, of off for the last two weeks, is anyone else having this issue.

My question is how do i add more space to Acronis or do i have to add an addition account, if an additional account how do i do it since the option is missing.

@rudym12 - Thank you for your post. Comodo created your Comodo Acronis Back-up (500​ GB) Online Account during the order process.

You can access your account via This login provides you with the ability to add subscriptions, change billing and contact information, and review the ongoing status of your service.

Sorry, but i dont see any option for acronis neither on the provided link or the reseller portal i have an option for acronis

@rudym12 - Okay, we found your support ticket and we have already responded. We request to you check on that and do the needful.

Hi Rudy…

If it’s any help… I just logged into my portal… Acronis is listed for me under ‘Buy a Product’ then select ‘Miscellaneous with Endpoints’.

Hello @rudym12 ,

You can go to the management-applications-acronis-add new licence menu and then you can have new space and you can get new licences.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

Best Rgerads,