Support Procedures on macOS endpoints

It would be very useful if I could run procedures on macOS endpoints. Many of my customers use macs, and without procedure support I can’t automate anything and have to perform all tasks manually via COMODO Remote Control, or other remote access and/or management solutions.

For consistency with the rest of the platform it would probably make the most sense if this also used python, but I don’t know if that would be an effective and/or feasible option or not. I’d be fine with something like bash shell scripts, as long as I can get the usual procedure features like reviewing, scheduling, running on demand, getting output logs, and running in either the user or system context.

@viridian ,

We understand that this option suits your management needs. As of the moment, python script procedures are used in ITSM portal which favors Windows OS. We will forward this interesting Feature Functionality Request to our Development Team for analysis and provide you an update via support email as soon as possible.

Hey Jimmy,

Thanks! From what I’ve found with a bit of cursory googling, it looks like python is already installed as part of macOS, so aside from expected platform differences it shouldn’t be a problem to use python for this.

Hello @viridian,

Good day, regarding the request “Support Procedures on macOS endpoints”. The feature is planned to be released on 2019Q3. We will keep you updated with any changes or update with the request on this forum page and the support ticket associated with this request. Thank you