Sysprep and ITSM

I did a quick search and didnt find anything, apologies if this is a repeat question. I’m building a golden base image for one my clients and I’d like to include the ITSM agent. I wont be including CCS as I’ve generally had issues including AV in a base image (not limited to Comodo). I have actually created an image with ITSM included before (tho only a handful of device deployments) and so far haven’t had issues. I wanted to check for official confirmation that ITSM supports being included in a sysprep base image for mass deployment.


Hello @eztech,

We don’t have the information available off-hand but we’ll get them for you and provide you with an update as soon as we can.

Thank you.

Hi @eztech . Good day to you. We will send you an email on how to “Configure auto enrollment settings for the golden image”. Thank you.

Perfect. Thanks!

Can this be posted back to this thread and the details added to the wiki?

Hello @Joners,

Good day! Here’s the link where you can ‘Configure auto enrollment settings for the golden image’:

Please follow step 6 for the process of doing so and let us know if this helps.

This is the wiki they sent me.…-automatically

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Hi @Joners @eztech

Step 7 is for auto un-enroll devices from ITSM portal on user log off due to non-persistent VDI environment. Not sure if that applies to you. You might be fine with only setting up the base image and auto enroll.


Is the token persistent or does it expire. The reason i ask is that i have used a similar method to this for deployment via Azure Intune for Windows 10 AutoPilot, and i’m now getting devices that were previously enrolled losing their enrollment status.

Has this article been updated or moved? The link no longer works.

Are the previous steps still valid for newer versions? I’d like to request an updated guide for this. Thank you

Hi @eztech ,

You can use this as an alternate link as well: :slight_smile:

Thank you for the updated link