System Cleaner & CCleaner


I am testing the RMM. I have a procedure that uses the built in System Cleaner with ‘Disk Cleaner’ & ‘Registry Cleaner’ enabled. Does this clean out the temp files?
I ran CCleaner before it (just the scan) and then ran this procedure, then CCleaner again and it looks like it did nothing.

I also tested running a Shell Execute for CCleaner.exe with /Auto /Shutdown commands. The shutdown worked, but it looks like it didn’t clean anything either.

If I run CCleaner manually for temp files it works perfectly.



The System cleaner should clean up the files from the %temp% location as well.
Try and check the location manually please.

Does that command work from the command prompt?

Yes, it did clean out the temp folder only. What does the registry cleaner do?

Also, I wonder if there are any plans to clean out the temp areas of the browsers, ect or if there is a procedure that can be ran do to it.


The registry cleaner basically removes redundant items from the Windows registry.
Currently there is no separate procedure which would clean out the temp areas of the browsers, however you could use the Shell Execute in order to insert a command which would erase the temp files from the desired location (in this case, browser temp folders).

I was looking at the shell execute, but I can’t figure out with the basic and advanced how I would put in those commands. Thanks for any help.

Hello doveroh
Here is a description of the Shell Execute Basic/Advanced fields:


  • Enter the execution command for the process
  • Enter the parameters to be passed to the process
  • Enter the working directory for the process
  • Choose the execution options:
  • Wait for process to finish – Completes the process before termination
  • Hide Window – Executes the process at the background

I have seen that from the documentation, but what is ‘Enter the working directory for the process’, this still doesn’t explain how to run what I was looking for. Thanks for your help.


That refers to fill in the path for the process which you’re going to run/use. What exactly were you trying to run previously, with the help of Shell Execute ?

So I guess I am back to using something like CCleaner on the user’s machine to run a process. I was trying a bat file with script commands. I get the basic tab, type the process you want to execute with the command. I don’t get the Advanced tab’s “Enter working directory” Does this go with the basic tab or is this separate? The help files aren’t very much help so it seems to be more ‘play around’ and see what you can do, same with the video. Would be helpful if there were some examples, but neither have it for the shell execute. Just that it is there.

I would like to run something like this on a client machine that I use in a bat file:

@echo off
set DataDir=C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles
del /q /s /f “%DataDir%”
rd /s /q “%DataDir%”
for /d %%x in (C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox

\Profiles*) do del /q /s /f %%x*sqlite
@echo “Success Message”
timeout 10
) ELSE (
@echo “Error Message”
exit 1001

Hi Doveroh,

for future references, I created a poll to put this on road map. Please vote:

Thank you! This is one of the major things I am looking for along with Anti-virus for my clients.

Hello Doveroh,

Thank you as well for your help and feedback. Please make sure to vote on the poll.