System Compliance Issue

This morning, when I logged into the RMM Console, every system shows as non-compliant. I also had to download another console, due to the fact that when I looked at the system inventory of a system, the info was weird characters, and not able to be read. I downloaded another portable console, and it seemed to of fixed that issue, but not the non-compliance issue.

I’ve also noticed that none of our systems shows up as compliant in RMM Console we have (windows 7, 8.1, 10, server 2008 and server 2012)


If you are referring to the Compliant section in the “Devices” view, then “No” means that the device has a policy applied and it cannot apply another one on it.
No does not mean that policy is broken, as you can check that in the policy view.

If the policy will be broken, you should receive an alert.

ok thank you for the feedback

It used to not be this way, just because there is a policy applied, does not mean it is in compliance, I can not hardly believe this, what is the applied policy name field for then??


The “Applied policy name” field shows you the name of the Policy which is currently applied on the specified device.