System issues?

I’m testing the iTarian system on my personal equipment before rolling out my changes to everyone. Seems there are a couple issues.

  1. I set up a profile that would change the toolbar icons. They were changed for a couple weeks now they are back to the defaults.
  2. I have the MDM app on my smart phone. In the beginning it was blocking facebook because it said that’s what the administrator set in the profile. I looked and it’s not blocked. Then all of a sudden it stopped blocking facebook. That lasted about 2 weeks, now it’s blocking them again. What am I doing wrong?

Hi @Fred ,

Good day!
For both of your concerns, you mentioned that it was working for a while then it suddenly stopped.
Do you recall any changes made on the portal before you got the issue?
Did you try to do anything about it or did it correct everything by itself?

Please tell us more.

Thank you.

With the branding, do you have a separate profile for it??

If so remove it and put it back as that often solved the issue, if not there is a configure / cache file you can delete to force the agent to get all config again.

Not sure I can remember the file, so guys at Itarian will have to help there.

Thanks guys for the reply. @Vincent_C , there were not changes to the portal. Robin, I do have a separate profile for rebranding. I’ve removed it, and redid it. That was about an hour and half ago and still no change.

Hi @Fred,

Good day!

May you please confirm if the only associated profile to this device is the rebranded profile. Rebranding usually do not apply to endpoints if there are two profiles associated on it (one rebranded and the other one is not). About the MDM issue, please check if you are running the latest version of MDM client ( and test it again.

Sorry @GabrielHD

but this statement is not true.
We have since branding was released use two or more profiles and they all apply correctly.

I even helped @Fred setup these as separate profiles.

If I look at our setup we have for workstations the following profiles: -

  • Win - Workstation - RMM
  • Win - Workstation - AV Security
  • Win - Branding [Strobe IT]
For servers we have a similar layout, but we then have additional RMM profiles for different roles a server plays.

We have never had a branding issue, please may you kindly check for actual issues and not make fake statements like this.

Hi @Fred ,

I believe if you do the following you will get your issue with branding solved: -

  • stop ITSMService [Agent service that launches and controls all]
  • stop CPMService [Patch Management service]
  • stop RMMService
  • Navigate to "C:\Program Files (x86)\COMODO\Comodo ITSM"
In here are a load of files, and a few can be deleted or better still temporarily renamed.
  • pm.db stores all the patch management configurations
  • oem.strings holds the text for you Endpoint Manager branding
  • oem.rcc holds the images etc for your Endpoint Manager branding
  • cdm.db database hold over config information and logs of what has happened
If you rename oem.strings and oem.rcc and then start ITSMService it should re-fetch the branding and apply it.

Everything listed above is information learnt during support cases and might not be 100% correct.
Please use at your own risk

Ok, I just tried to follow these instructions.

  1. I don’t have CPMServices
  2. In the ComodoITSM folder i don’t have any of these things except cdm.db.

How odd, this might be why the system is not branding your items if these files do not exist.
I believe they are created when used to save space.

@Fred ,

You mentioned that some services are not present on your device.
Try to uninstall and reinstall all the components then check again.
Please send us an update afterwards.

Thank you.