System periodically freezes when containment is enabled.

Hi Guys,
Just started up my managed security service and on-boarding my first client. Using C1 with CCS10 with premium license.

I’m seeing serious performance issues when running containment. Applications take a few extra seconds to start loading and while they are running they periodically freeze. For example, switching taps in google chrome freezes the application for a few seconds.

These are fast systems and had no issues running other security products. When I enable containment baseline or disable containment the systems perform as expected.

Here was my approach:

  1. Cloned the optimum windows profile but kept most of the settings default, aside from changing scanning schedules and tweaking the UI settings.
  2. Created a whitelist for AV, HIPS and containment
  3. Added the following exclusion to all lists (HIPS is disabled in this policy but still writes to the log so I included it in the whitelist as well)



  1. Monitored C1 containment log and local killswitch to see what applications are running virtualized
  2. Added all contained applications (that I knew were trusted) to the whitelist.

And still, applications and browser tabs freeze intermittently.

Does anyone have any words of wisdom?


Hello @soteriasolutions,

We will have our support team look into this. We will need information regarding the affected endpoint(s). This information is confidential therefore we will be sending an email regarding how we can gather the information.

Thank you,