System uptime

I would like to see the system uptime in both the portal (device info) and the console main display (or, at least in the System Inventory plugin).

I could run SYSTEMINFO | FINDSTR “Time:” inside the Shell Execute plugin but, having just tried that on one machine, it took almost a full minute to get a reply (versus 5 seconds on my own system).

There is a System Uptime in System Inventory tool(under Operating System) , you can also check this information from portal(but if u need it updated you should run ‘Get Information’ from the plugin)

Hello @PromptCare ,

We have forwarded you feature request to our development team and we will let you know once this feature becomes available.
We have also sent you an email to keep better track of your requests.

Thank you for your feedback.

Thanks, @catalin - I had missed that. Unfortunately, it’s not accurate. I’m looking at one PC in both – Console says 31d18h56m but the Portal only shows 18h56m. That’s a pretty gross discrepancy.

Hello @PromptCare ,

We have escalated the issue to the development team. Thank you for your valuable feedback!


The issue reported in this post has been corrected and the fix was deployed in production.
Do let us know if you observer any other discrepancies.