Takeover failed to start after today's patch

We updated some endpoints to 6.30.29304.190906 today after the patch, and since then we are unable to connect to most of them with the error: Takeover failed to start. The specified operation is not supported by this device.

We are able to use the remote tools from the web portal, and the file transfer sessions from Remote Control by ITarian (also updated to the newest version today), but not the takeover.

I believe I have narrowed this down to a profile issue, as one of our devices is using the default Windows - Security Level 1 Profile v.6.30 and we are able to connect to it, but all of the devices that are using our custom remote profile are no longer able to connect (and were before the upgrade to the newest CCC). I’ve compared the settings between the default profile and our custom profile, and they appear to be the same, but as we try to keep our profiles to single purposes, it’s possible that we’re missing a profile section that is now required for connections. As it stands now, our Remote - Servers profile has General, Remote Control, Remote Tools, and Updates (the latter being limited to CCC updates, not CCS)

Any idea where I should be looking to restore remote control capabilities?

Hello @SavageIT,

Thank you for notifying us but please reach out to ITarian Support directly via support@itarian.com and they will make sure to resolve your issue as quickly as they can.