"Takeover failed to start, the specified device is not ready" in every single client

So, now that you figure it out, that you have a good product thats not in “beta” anymore, reliable and dependable (lol, no) you started a dishonest campaign for switching your “free forever” approach than make the product barely palatable to charge for it with “zero cost” model that only works if you buy something else or you are SOL locked up a thread were users were ripping you a new one as a company, and even grouping to class lawsuit about it.

and even after all that, you cant offer a reliable service since all day today there is no way to do remote access to every client, no one cant work, we cant install any other solution unless we are on site which is impractical, an entire disgrace.

is this going to be fixed? will i just take the blame for not being able to fulfill requests? thus costing me more money?


what is happening?

Yeah, I also have this issue, they are either offline, or the dot is blue, not green. I would also be game to discuss a false advertisement type of suit.

@nuteks-it , @BOSS ,

We understand your concerns and we wish to answer all and make sure to address it. Regarding the false device status appearing on EM Portal, our Development Team had checked and assured that this minor interruption had been quickly probed and was resolved.

Yep, I’ve been dealing with this too. I have
pretty much given up on trying to get support. I have a ticket in
from 10/15 and still no reply even after 4 follow-up requests. I have tickets with SWG and finally just junked the whole thing. I would love to get a credit back for that mess.

Hello @nuteks-it ,

Thanks for your post. We will come up with a case ID for you to followup up further.

Yippe… they just completely ignore the whole rest of the thread…