TAP reviews locking out and becoming uneditable.

New reviews are getting locked and I cannot edit them. I have reported this a week ago but I am getting no feedback from support. I have tried to create multiple reviews for a single client, each time it reaches a certain point and gets locked. I cannot edit it, or complete the review for submission. I was able to complete one review to 100% but before I could submit it it got locked.

At this point I cant keep creating new reviews, its a waste of time. I am surprised that I am not getting any replies from support (ticket #67048) despite keep in touch with them regularly.

Further, as reviews keep piling up, I see no option to delete reviews that are no longer need and/or edit reviews that have been submitted.

Perhaps writing on this forum may get me the support I need.

Hello @Taha Rajabali,

Our support team is currently working with the concerned development team regarding this issue. You will be getting an update from them shortly.