Testing Endpoint Protection

I have a client who has pointed me to some tests that I don’t really know how to dispute. I use AV-Test.org for my information which rates Comodo AEP very high. While not the best, it is a top performer on their site. My client however has shown me plenty of Youtubers who have run Comodo antivirus against a folder of known malware. These tests have shown that AEP has only found between 40 and 80% of the files in the folder. After running Comodo they ran something like Malwarebytes which found most of the remaining files.

How do you comment on these Youtube tests, and what is the best place to point the client to for professional testing results?

Comodo Technology focuses on prevention rather than detection and default deny.

For one moment, lets assume we detect ZERO percent of these malware. (none)…

What difference does it make to your security?

Because all these will be an “unknown executable” and run inside our “Kernel Level API Virtualization” aka Containment https://techtalk.comodo.com/2020/08/…nder-the-hood/ (you can find the full technical explanation as to why malware running in "“Kernel Level API Virtualization” aka Containment mode can’t cause damage )

So the Security is provided using our “Auto Containment” technology and NOT by “detection”. And this makes sure any brand new malware that noone detects can’t hurt you.

Now let me turn the table around: How do other AV products protect against a brand new malware that they don’t detect? https://isitdetectedyet.com/ (you can check all the undetected ones by vendors)…Yep you guessed right, they can’t! If they can’t detect (no matter what method is used for detection, using AI, Behavior, heuristic, ML etc…detection is detection).

Every other vendor pretty much relies on “Detection” to be able to protect the end user. They can’t detect, they can’t protect.
Only Comodo does NOT relay on “Detection” for protection.

And we all know 100% detection is IMPOSSIBLE!!
but 100% Containment is POSSIBLE!

No other AV companies can’t use this, because we own the patent portfolio for this technology!

PS: Its so easy for anyone to run a test to show the malware not detected for any vendor. Look at the link I sent above https://isitdetectedyet.com/ .

THanks for the explanation Melih. That helps a great deal.