Thanks.... who knows how many tickets I lost

So I discovered today that the forwarder email I was sending my helpdesk tickets to had been changed to @itarianwhatever. A few days ago when I logged in, I was prompted and stuck with “comodo 1” branding, so not sure why, but I guess customers have been trying to open tickets for days and … there aren’t any and I have no idea what has happened to them. Awesome, I love looking like a clown to my customers.

Significantly more care needs to be taken here Comodotarian team. I get the frequent bugs and regressions in a lot of the other stuff, but breaking MSP to customer communication is bad, really bad… yeah, really not impressed right now.

Well, I tried to “fix” it on my end by updating my servicedesk email forward to point to the “new” forwarder in ServiceDesk (the @itarian one that came out of nowhere), enabled it, and now email just bounces. Wow. So now I’ve just forwarded my helpdesk email to my regular email account. I can’t be missing tickets. This is a disaster. The QA at Comodo is seriously problematic.

@indieserve ,

We understand this urgent matter have put less confidence in our platform but we want to assure you that your report had been directed to our Developers attention. We urgently sent your report to our Product Team to identify its root cause and apply the quickest resolution.

And this is just another reason to not use ServiceDesk in production… Talk about a major cock up… How to you tell customers, sorry we didn’t get any of those tickets you sent via email…
You know the method we told you was preferred as it allowed us to track them…

Hi @indieserve ,

Good day. Our Development team had announced the deployment of the hot fix for the Service Desk bouncing email fetch address has been completed. When you have the time, please check and confirm from your end.

Looking forward,

With best regards,