The portal dashboard

Comodo One team, I’m totally digging the new portal and its dashboard. It could be immensely useful as a sort of speed dial or jump off point to the installed modules. For instance, clicking on the portion of the graph that shows open tickets could jump to the Service Desk module where the open tickets are listed, and similarly the closed tickets. Clicking on the graph showing available patches could jump to the related portions of the Patch Management module.

Even bigger help, clicking on Offline agents in the Activity Status graph could take us quickly to the RMM Module to see what is offline. An additional pair of graphs to this field could show servers online / offline, as well as desktops online / offline. A server being offline would be a great deal more important than a workstation being offline.

I’d also like to see the default view to show all of the modules expanded, rather than shrunk, especially if the dashboard is used as a speed dial.

Hello @bradbrownjr

We have escalated your request to the development team.

We will get back to you as soon as we have an update.

Thanks Harvey! Amazing job thus far! I understand we’re seeing an early glimpse of your overall vision, and I’m quite excited to see the end result. :smiley:

really appreciate it. We are building a whole platform to run your business and do so for free. From, RMM, to service desk, patch management, quote management, sales tools like “IT assessment tools” and so on. You should not need to touch any other piece of software to run your business. It should all be provided to you here under Comodo One and do it for FREE! We are all committed to work with you, you Sir are our partner NOT customer, we will build you a platform to make you look good to your customers. We will not make money FROM you, we will make money WITH you. You have hundreds of developers working their backsides off to build this amazing platform for you. Your feedback/requests is always welcome.

Thank you for being our partner!

+1 to Brad’s ideas.

Hello @PromptCare ,

We will inform you by email as soon as the features you are interested in become available.