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Is there a guide to using Acronis? What does the per month price get? Can I divide that data across my clients and upgrade as needed? Thanks in advance.

Here is a guide:
Please visit the forum for more updates on this.

Hi @rhayes

You can find the admin guide for Acronis also on below link. Please note that some of the actions already taken by Comodo ONE like creating admins.…tml#32858.html

Our pricing has 2 different packages. First one, prepaid where you can buy a quota upfront for your MSP. Second option is to choose postpaid package, where you can subscribe now and pay at the end of one month from your MSP’s peak usage during that month.

Prepaid packages are relatively cheaper compared to postpaid since it is easier for us to manage.

In both package types, you can use the quota freely among your managed companies. We are going to show you which of your company consumes how many GB but we are only going to charge you for your overall usage as MSP.

You can always buy additional packages or you can buy prepaid packages together with postpaid to have no problem with quota. In the second case, we will use your prepaid packages first and charge only the remaining amount as your postpaid amount.

I am adding the price tablo as attachment as well.

Please let us know if you need anything else.

Are there any plans to provide payment in local currencies? Most of my clients use £/GBP.

also this side for South Africa in R/Rands

Hi @mhberglund , @pcconcepts,

It wasn’t planned for initial stage but requirement is taken :slight_smile:

We will work on it and release on upcoming versions.

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does this packaging/licensing of Acronis allow for us as MSP’s to backup to our own servers? In South Africa there is a big drive at the moment with legislation to not allow backup data to be held out of the country. so for us to use this service we would have to have the option to pay monthly for licensing but be able to backup to our own servers/data centres as well as on premises at the client.

Hello Marveltec,
Backup can be done on Cloud Storage, Local Folders or Network Folders.
You will have these options when creating a Backup Plan.

Syntax for using Network Folders should be similar to \host\folder or smb://host/folder.

Hi Matthew,
ok so basically it wont allow us to backup to our own offsite server/data centre so we wont be able to use it.

Hi @Marveltec,
We are checking availability of private cloud (if It is the only option you are looking) option with Acronis. I will reply once I get the details.

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Hi Ilker,

Thank you for the reply I also think it will be a good option for most MSP’s as that way we can also control the data and offer a full managed solution. I know Acronis does offer a licensing model for this just not sure how or if it could be integrated into the Comodo One solution anyway its still good to have a cloud backup solution as part of the offering just a pity it wont work for use.
but keep up the good work

I’m getting an error that says “SSO link for Acronis could not be generated. This can be ocurred when your Acronis subscriptions are suspended or inactivated. Please check your subscriptions.”. I checked and my subscriptions are all good. Any ideas?

Hello Rhayes ,

We are looking into this issue and will get back with an answer as soon as possible.

Update: It works on one of my logins, but not the one I would prefer, so I imagine it’s an admin issue.

Hello Rhayes,

Could you please give us a few more details? Is the second login an admin on the same Comodo One Account?
Did you made any changes or was that account created before the last update release?

Looking forward to your reply.

Hi @rhayes,

reported problem should be resolved. Could you please check if it is working for all of your accounts now?

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With the post-paid subscription is there any way to track the usage of my different customers? If in a single billing period my MSP account peaked at 250GB but Customer A peaked at 200GB and Customer B peaked at 100GB at different times of the month I would need to know the customer level usage to be able to bill them appropriately…

What integration is available with C1 and its modules when we purchase Acronis backup through the C1 portal? Is there any reason to purchase through C1 instead of directly from Acronis?

Hello @rrrryyyyaaaannnn ,

After adding the Acronis Module in the Comodo One account, you could see the amount of data used per Company if you access Management > Usage > Acronis Cloud Backup. There’s a chart which gets populated with the Companies (customers) you have added in Comodo One which includes information about GB Values, time periods and specific customer. All under the same Acronis license.

Hi @rrrryyyyaaaannnn

Other benefits include, central management for your clients and staff, very competitive and stable pricing, ability to get support for all products from Comodo and more :slight_smile: