The support is getting "a little" painfull


I am sorry that I have to do this but the support is very painfull. I am allready refusing to open tickets since I have the feeling the support is so deep in dark about the product and often I stop responding :(.

For example: My patch Management is failing installing the Apple Software Update since the file:…te_2.6.0.1.msi is missing on your server: You can click the link try to browse the folder and you can be pretty sure: It is missing. The first level support diagnosed this and escalated the ticket and I thought: Wow this was easy. Then I got another Question About my ITarian ID and such (Ok why not?) and now this:
Please provide us additional information as stated below:

  • Endpoint name in EM portal and the local name of the device if different.
  • EM Profile (DEVICES > Device List > Click on the device with the issue > Associated Profiles > Click on the profile name > Export Profile).
  • Msinfo32 from the affected machine: Start > Run > msinfo32 > File > Save.
  • cdm.db and cdm.db.bck from the endpoint: C:\Program Files (x86)\COMODO\Comodo ITSM
  • Communication Client version (EM > Device List > Device > Summary > Device Summary > Communication Client version).
  • OS and browser used to work with EM portal
  • Agents crash dumps (.dmp files) from Comodo EM installation folder. (if applicable)
This is painfull. What for? What has the browser to do with this? Why msinfo32? Why the EM Profile? I am pretty confident that these information have no relation to my issue.

For me this ticket ends at this point. I have other Options updating this component that does not involve pulling out a customer client and a good amount of work.

I now the product is free and maybe I am not getting the support right but this is really frustrating for me. At least some Information why you need these Information would be nice at this point. Just for the feeling that you take me seriously.

Hi @Weatherlights ,

Good day! We understand that this is a lot of work we are asking from you. However, these pieces of information are necessary for our Product Developers so they can properly identify the root cause of the issue you have stated.

As for the reason why they’re asking for these logs.

Dev Team: Generally, we collect all possible information even some that MSPs would think might not need but can be useful for issues connected with the actual case. This helps our Product Developers to exchange their ideas to review in on which Module or Component is the issue affecting and if it is causing a cosmetic or underlying issue on another component.

  1. Endpoint Name - to check communication logs between endpoint and portal.

  2. EM Profile - to locally test profile with identical settings.

  3. MSInfo32 - check if drivers are installed and working and if processes are active, also check other software settings.

  4. cdm.db - encrypted database to check if device received commands and what was done on the endpoint according to the command.

  5. For cases when there are issues with portal login, User Interface etc. for local reproduce etc.

  6. Crash Dumps - To check on which process and in which place are not compatible with our software.

We are saddened to hear about your experience on this and you can rest assured that we will implement a more efficient and hassle-free gathering of this info in the near future.

If this was a software issue i would agree with @Vincent_C , but as this is simply the MSI is missing on the ITarian platform there is nothing a client can do so agree with @Weatherlights .

We also have the same issue on all agents as the file is not present

I can understand you gathering files for the purpose of debugging. But why did no one tried a simple reproduction of the issue instead of asking for random information? :slight_smile: You see usually I submit tickets when I got the feeling that there is an issue on your end so that you are aware of them. If this issue involves something that is quiet specific on my end I am more than happy to supply you the requested information but for an issue that can be easily be reproduced by everyone… :)… just don’t make it to hard for me.

There is so much good stuff about your support… your response times are excellent and all problems get well recognized… so I have very high hopes :).

[QUOTE=StrobeTech;n33349]If this was a software issue i would agree with @Vincent_C , but as this is simply the MSI is missing on the ITarian platform there is nothing a client can do so agree with @Weatherlights .
@Vincent_C to echo @StrobeTech 's comments and I agree with @Weatherlights we have also found update files to be missing and have dealt with support to have them reinstated, so it is not a customer or OS specific issue.

Hi @Weatherlights ,

We have responded to your ticket and escalated the issue to our Developers. As for @nct and @StrobeTech , we thank you for your support in helping fellow MSP @Weatherlights Please send us your tickets numbers (if one had been already sent) so we can them and add them to the escalation ticket initially raised. To ensure that the right support channel will respond for any updates, you can send them to these following support emails. - for Itarian Platform accounts - for Comodo One accounts

Thank you.

Thanks, but for me it is not necessary.

@Vincent_C Just thank you very very much :).