Third party application module add to profiles

Hi All,

Feature request here.
Requesting third party application module to be added under profiles and have the ability to add application underneath that module/profile. (Install/Uninstall and Manage Patches)

Hi @libretech, I requested something similar quite some time ago for applications to be added to the profile to help with onboarding new machines.

To solve this problem this is what we did:
-> Attach a procedure to the profile which will do the following as soon as the profile is processed
(a) Install the Chocolatey powershell module
(b) Once chocolatey is installed, it will install whatever you want to install on the machine with the “choco upgrade command”

You will have to setup your own chocolatey repository to have control on the application packages

You can also use Boxstarter ( in conjunction with Chocolatey to make it more robust to handle reboots etc

@RT-AMS-ITarian CCing you FYI

Hi @nct

You will be pleased to know that this idea is one I personally had, and will be looking to design soon so more than likely will reach out for your opinion.

I do recall seeing that request before.