Third-Party Application Patch Management


What is going on with Patch Management?

Patch procedures for MS Teams stuck in the loop…on some endpoints V.15.000000 upgrades to V.14.000000, next day againt to v.15.000000 and next day to v.14.000000…

What is going on?

In patch management, we’ve more OneDrive instalation version than endpoints…and Teams to, like we have, on some endpoints like 4 different version of MS OneDrive installed…what is going on?


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Hi @ddorotisec ,

Can you please specify the exact version of Teams v15.00000 upgraded to V14, our backend support team will investigate the issue.

Can you please explain what issue you are having here? more installation versions available imply more versions can be chosen to install. Please share screenshots to understand the different versions of MS One drive installed.

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I logged this same problem a while back. The problem is with every user account on the machine, it sees it as a different onedrive/teams etc. The only way to get rid of it is for every user account must be signed in and then run your update command or you will see when you manually update them in every user account it will decrease. Support said they are working on it for the patch management to update every user account software but nothing came of it.