Third Party Patch Managment for Java NEWEST not recognized

Looks like third party patch management isnt detecting Java 8 update 171 which has been out for over a week. Is this going to be fixed? And can I get a script to update Java to the newest version using the run procedure?? PLEASE :slight_smile:

Hello @joeyportera
There will be an important update for the Patch Management this coming Saturday (May 5). Feel free to read through the May 2018 release post for more information.

Still doesnt recognize update 171.

And can I get a script to update it to the newest? :slight_smile: please lol

@joeyportera ,

We’ll forward your request for the procedure and for our Product Developers for the failed Java update to have it investigated. We’ll keep you notified via support ticket for any account details that we might need to collect.

Hi @joeyportera

we are analysing your request and update you once it has been completed.

Thank you

Hi @joeyportera

In third party patch management Java 8 update 171 is detecting well on our side .If you still facing same issue, please use this script to update the java 8 update 171.

20180508-Java-update171 (1).json

Kindly provide your feedback to us

Thank you

20180508-Java-update171 (1).json (4.51 KB)

Hi @joeyportera

This script will remove the oldest version and install the latest version of java 8 update 171.
Thank you