Thoughts on the January ITSM / Comodo Client Security update

So far it seems to have been trouble-free for us and, I think, all endpoints are showing connected on ITSM and Comodo Remote Control, following Comodo Communications Client updating.
Hopefully the communications issues are behind us now :slight_smile:

great to hear!

With each release our aim is to provide
-more stability
-more efficiency
-more features
-less bugs

Also, first time ever we tested our new “deployment method” of “Blue Green” deployment method for the “Patch Management” service. we were able to do the update in 2 minutes! This is a big improvement from hours previously seen. We are all moving towards a Zero outage deployment system and Patch Management was a great success. We will now put all the other services into this new deployment model to reduce the outage during deployments. This will take us some time to have it implemented in all the systems, but we did it first with Patch Management in this release and it was a great success! Just wanted to share.

Anyone apart from @melih going to comment? LOL

Good evening. So far all our endpoints are updating with no issues. I will update if anything changes.

I had a problem yesterday with CRC not sure if it was comodo or my sky problem. But when I had an external ipv6 CRC wouldn’t connect. If I forced an ipv4 external it worked. Will test later an see.

all endpoints are online and when CRC is working they seem to be correct also;)

have to test procedures and some monitoring scripts but yes it does seem to be good.

@Adam_Curran would it be possible to do a small video on the new features after every release ? I know the release notes are produced but sometimes being shown really shows the benefits :slight_smile:


CRC and ITSM seem to be insync with devices showing online now and i see this as a huge improvement. I do still have issues connecting to Surface Pro 4 devices with CRC but they are at least showing online now in CRC when before they didn’t.