Ticket duplication when dealing with third party also using a service desk

Hi fellow ITarians!

Sometimes we need to log support tickets with third parties as a result of a ticket that comes in to us.

When these third parties are also using a ticket system such as Remedy Force, every reply that they send back to us creates a new ITarian ticket rather than going back into the original ITarian ticket.

I have tried several approaches such as:

  • Waiting until an email comes into ITarian from the third party service desk thus creating a new ITarian ticket, then going into the third party service desk and appending the ITarian ticket number into the third party service desk ticket subject line
  • Creating a ticket in ITarian first so that I get the ITarian ticket number before logging the ticket in the third party‚Äôs service desk, and ensure that I put the exact ticket number and ticket subject format in the third party service desk that matches the ITarian format

Every approach has resulted in a new ITarian ticket being created every time the third party responds to their own service desk ticket.

Just wondering if anyone else encountered a similar problem and was able to resolve it?

Many thanks :slight_smile:


Hi @Seahorse27 ,

We have created a support ticket for you to investigate and work on the reported case. Please feel free to respond to the ticket for us to replicate and provide the proper solution. Thank you