Ticket report of tickets with work logs within time frame

We are almost ready to make the switch to Comodo One for Service Desk, but…

In our current Service Desk platform we have a report for clients that gives us a list of all tickets during a month that have work done and the amount of work done on that ticket during the time frame. I’m looking for something that looks just like the Ticket Report, but pulls in tickets that have time logs within the month selected, regardless of the tickets open or close date.

I tested by putting in a ticket that started in June and ended in July, with worklogs in both June and July for 1 hour each. My expectation is that the report will show the ticket when I punch in just July for the time frame and show 1 hour of work. What actually happens is that the ticket doesn’t show on the report.

@cagedata ,

Please see data that should represent the ticket report . Can you share an image output of your test?

Hi @cagedata
Thank you for your suggested improvement with the ticket report wherein it will be based on tickets worked during the course of the selected time frame. Your input is important to us as it will help improve the usefulness of the C1 platform for the entire community.