Ticket Reporting

I have a few problems/questions with the Service Desk:

  1. When I look at closed tickets, the list is empty. This is critical. I put some live billing in the system and now I can’t see it. I think this applies to any view with large numbers of rows.
  2. all the tickets from the ITSM are coming in with the source “other”. This includes the ones that are manually created by right-clicking on the ITSM icon and selecting “Submit Ticket”. This is not helpful. I can’t sort reports by ticket source.
  3. The Advanced Search doesn’t seem to function well. I’m either getting tons of results (which causing an error see #1) or no results.
  4. Export to CSV only exports the current view. I need to be able to export all rows that I requested not just the ones that are shown on the screen

I really need a way to look at all closed tickets ASAP. I’ll take a report or anything. I need to get some June billing out the door.


Hi @easterntech50
We apologize you encounter this issue in service desk, we will further investigate this issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible through email.

  1. is known issue, I’ve reported it before. I know, doesn’t make any sense, CSV should be a full dump of the query not just that page.

  2. Are you talking about Alerts or tickets users generate from the system tray icon? If the latter, may sure you’ve created users and that the devices are owned by applicable users. If you are lazy just create one user per company and have it own all of that customer’s devices, but it’s nice to have real users since then they show up in the Device List so if someone is calling you, you will know right away which devices they use.

Hi @indieserve @easterntech50

Regarding #4, “Ticket” report should already export all possible fields. We also already started to work on exporting custom fields that you might add to your ticket form. Should be delivered in August release. Please let us know if we are missing any field with field name on this report.

#2, both ITSM alerts and agents are using APIs to create a ticket. Other refers to API access in these cases. If you are looking for some other way of distinguishing the source, could you please provide your recommendation as well?

@indieserve thanks for the heads up. I am referring to the tickets users generate from the system tray. We have been doing to email per Company but for our next deployment we are changing that.

@Ilker It exports the fields. I’m referring to the rows. The export only exports the number of rows in the current view eg: 1-10,11-20, etc. It is very hard to manage. It would be great if we could export all. In regards to the “Other” field. The reason I brought it up is that if you do an “Advanced Search” on tickets there is a section for “Source” where you can select Phone, Email, Other, Web, API. I made the assumption based on that fact that there was a differentiation between an automated ticket and an API. I tried to do a search using the “Generated By”= User Generated and the “Source”=Other to search for tickets that were created by the users at the endpoints but the search came up empty. This is related to BUM-877-49350 where I can’t see closed tickets. The goal is to be able to see tickets that were created by users from the workstations. This becomes less important if I am able to see closed tickets.