Ticket Reports - Summary / Description

Currently scheduled ticket reports only display times and date, with no reference to the report contents.

The ability to give a report summary would make report management easier.


@CraigK ,

We appreciate your suggestion for making a more descriptive report. We’ll make sure to send this improvement to our Product Developers for analysis. We’ll provide you an email notification of any news and updates regarding this request. We have noted your similar post as well.

Applications > Service Desk > Admin Panel > Reports > Tickets

When a scheduled report is created, it is listed as “Every month on 1 at 15:10 for last month”. This does not help when their is a list of 50+ reports created for different customers.

It would be great to be able to add a description/label to the report for easier management of the reports.

Thanks, Craig

Hi @CraigK ,

We appreciate the recommendation. We will have the team look into this as a feature request.

We will also send you an email for any update.