Ticket search bug

If you go into tickets, and find an automatically generated ticket from monitoring, open it, you will see it is in the Maintenance department.

Then, go and list open (or closed) tickets (assuming you have some “Recommended…” maintenance tickets), and click on advanced search at the top of the list. Select maintenance department. No tickets returned.

Looks like there are some fundamental issues with the database/search structure in ServiceDesk that affect more than just Reports.

Hi @indieserve

This seems to be an interesting finding. As a test, have you tried making changes on where to assign them? We will try to replicate this issue and deliver a reply. We will monitor as well if there would be other users who are experiencing this issue. Thank you very much for reporting this matter.

Not sure what you mean in terms of “where to assign them” – these tickets are generated by ITSM’s monitoring policies. If you go into Service desk and open the “Recommended…” tickets that were auto generated by ITSM, you can see they have an assigned department of Maintenance. But if you go and list the tickets, and apply an “Advanced Search” filter by department of maintenance, you get no results.

Also, the tickets automatically generated by the monitoring policies don’t properly assign an Organization, so if the developers can fix that at the same time that would be good. That should be easy to see if you look at the list of tickets, the organization column is unpopulated.

Hi Jimmy, I sent you a bunch of screencaps to demonstrate.

@indieserve We’ll take note your last post and update the ticket that we created.