Ticket Subject in ticket thread

Hi all,

One of the technicians I work with has asked whether it is possible to put the Subject field in the original message that the end user sends. I have no problem with the subject being displayed at the top of the web page, but is there any way I can add a section to the ticket thread which shows the subject on the original email the end user sends.


I have just noticed that it says it anyway, its the other technician being daft!

Hello @ncroft ,

Thank you for providing us the information.
We will continue assisting you thru email and support team will get in touch with you shortly.


Just to let anyone who might be thinking the same things as my colleague.

I also set it up so that when the new ticket alerts/new message alerts are sent to technicians they have the subject field in them, example below -

From: %{ticket.name} <%{ticket.email}>
Department: %{ticket.dept.name}
Subject: %{ticket.subject}

That way they are a little bit happier.