Ticket Templates

Is there such a think as a ticket template in Itarian Service Desk? I’m a new user and have not been able to find a feature like that. If it does not exist, could it be considered?


Hi @daniel.rebers , In the Servicedesk, you can check the templates by the following path Admin panel>Emails>Templates

Hello @daniel.rebers ,

Welcome on board :slight_smile: You can feel free to share your feedback and comments.


Thank you, all. I’m afraid I wasn’t very clear. I understand that you can create email templates, but I’m talking about a template that would pre-populate a ticket description (similar to a “canned response”). I would use this for repetitive tickets, such as, on boarding a new hire. I realize that is not strictly speaking a ticket, but that’s how we’ve been doing it and it works well.

Unfortunately there is not as of yet, but if you can describe the use case in full this might be something that gets added to the road map.


Thank you. Here’s the way we would use a ticket template system, using a new hire on-boarding as an example:

Ticket templates would essentially be a service desk ticket with a pre-filled description. In this example of new hire on-boarding, there might be a ticket that is set up to 1) order hardware, 2) set up the user’s account 3) set up the computer, and 4) set up the software system permissions. Because these steps are always the same for every new hire, a template describing what to do in each of these steps would speed the ticket creation process by being able to access the template and apply it to a service desk ticket whenever the new hire situation occurs.

What I’ve described above is using the way I believe Itarian Service Desk currently works with multi-stage tickets. The template system could also be employed with each of the four steps listed above being applied to separate tickets so that there would be four single-stage tickets instead of one multi-stage ticket with 4 stages. I can see it working either way.

Does that help get the picture?