Ticket Time Log

We use stages in most of our tickets. The idea was for tracking purposes and at each stage we record the time spent. A couple of issues that I have found with this and reporting though. There does not seem to be a report that cares at all about stages and all the time spent shows up in the Ticket report for the last Staff that was assigned the ticket.

Does anyone know if there is a report for looking at stages that I am missing?
Is there a better report to use for tracking time spent?


We have the following wiki guides @trezor that you might want to check specific to Service Desk reports.

How to generate the report from resource appointments

How to get Service Desk reports over custom fields settings to the system

How to check the report of Assets, Departments, Users and Agents with respect to Billable time, Spent time, Materials cost and Billable time cost

Just in case, here is the help guide for generating reports in the Service Desk.

@Rick_C thank you for your response. I have run these reports before but they do not show stages and the time spent report only shows the last user to be assigned the ticket and not all of the users that submitted time.

@trezor ,

We understand that your query is still not fully addressed. We will create a support ticket to assist your further. Please check your forum registered email at your convenience.