Ticketing does not arrive

Perhaps it is a setting that I messed up, but I have a number of users that have submitted tickets that never arrive. What steps should I take to trouble shoot this issue?

Curt Davenport

Hello Curt Davenport, We see that you have a support ticket opened regarding this issue. We will follow up this issue on that support ticket.

I am having the same problem. What were you advised to do?

Hi @davcomp , @davebaum1

Let us try to repeat the problem. We will inform you after find the solution.

Thank you.

@davebaum1 ,

Support Team will get in touch with shortly to review some settings for your Service Desk.

No need. I spoke with someone yesterday and we determined it was an Exchange issue on my end. I have since resolved it.

Thank you.

@davebaum1 ,

We thank you for giving us a response. Should you have any other queries or issues that need to be addressed, please send us an email @ c1-support@comodo.com so we can attend to your concern immediately. We will be closing the support ticket we created in the meantime