Tickets from RMM not being assigned to an Organisation


I am reviewing the RMM /service desk but I am running into a few issues. When a alert tickets are created from a monitoring alert the ticket doesn’t apply the organisation from the RMM.

Do I need to add anything into the service desk or is the organisation only applied is a user emails a ticket in?



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I am having this same issue as well.

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We will add your report and investigate its root cause. We will contact you via support email for information that we will need in this case

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still not working…is there anything i need to do to get this working?

Hi @dbettens, we have made a follow up with our developers for an update on this concern. We will reach out through the ticket that was created for you.

Good Evening. How do I get the ITSM Warning: New Infection tickets create under the correct organization? Right now they come from

Hi @aoit
Are you perhaps referring to a setting on the Alert that generated the ticket?

You may also want to add the ‘user’ to the correct organization. ‘User’ here will be whomever uses the endpoint that generated the alert.

Is the alert setting Under ITSM - Configuration - Alerts. If so, I have to create an Alert per company? Where do I assign it for the AV alerts because I am not finding it.

Also, this is for the AV. The monitoring alert is working fine. The AV alert is coming from itsm-noreply and I am not sure where that setting is.

Hi @aoit
In the ITSM, you can visit SETTINGS → System Templates → Email Notifications. Make adjustments accordingly to the ‘Send To’ and ‘Alert’ sub-sections.

The following guide can help clarify the settings therein: Configuring Email Notifications

OK, I am still not getting tickets from my PCs being filtered by organisation. Surely when a ticket is added from a PC it should add from which organisation the PC is from? I am finding that i have to keep jumping between ITSM and service desk to locate the PC.

Am i doing something wrong? Do i need to create a dedicated staff member for each organisation ???

I am using the MSP platform and so far its not a MSP tool

getting frustrated now



Hi @dbettens ,

This case has been escalated to the developers for further investigation and we will reach back to you with updates as soon as possible through email.

OK, so i have had a look a bit more into this and i think the issue here is that when creating staff users in the c1 portal these users are allocated to multiple customers (organisations) when this information is relayed to the service desk the user is not created with the organisation and if it were how would it know which organisation to put against the ticket.

I am not sure how to go about fixing this other than creating separate staff members in C1 for each customer and assigning all that customer’s devices to that newly created staff member

it seems weird that the service desk is simply not passed the information from ITSM

please help



@dbettens ,

Thank you for letting us know the result of our efforts. We will confer with our Product Developers to have the results of your test replicated and produce a detailed solution to match your need.

Just for reference, I have worked around this by created a dedicated staff member for each organisation I add. Then create MSI of itsm to deploy for that organisation. Then when scripts run and alerts are generated they go to the dedicated staff member and as such to the required organisation

Hello @dbettens,

Good day.

Our developer made an update and informed and mentioned that this is by design, “Default company” is EM internal company which is absent on SD. Thank you

Best process to do is the following…

  1. Add company to main clients section of the Itarian portal / dashboard.
    This will add the company to service desk, Endpoint Manager and all other apps.

  2. Go to Endpoint Manager and add a user account for your client. Either one per user or as we do one for the client (we do add one for MDs or users that have mobiles added) and make sure you assign the user to the correct company.

  3. Chose to enroll the device, but change the user to the new one you have created.

Now all this is done alerts will be for the user and company you created.

If you already have enrolled devices you can use the change owner function in Endpoint Manager.

Hope this helps