Tickets, organisations and staff

Hi Guys,

When I stated using Comodo One I found that I had to create a staff member for each customer, then use that staff member as the owner of all that customer’s devices in order for any monitoring procedure alerts to be assigned to the customers organisation in the service desk…hope that makes sense!

Do I still need to do this or have the updates from Comodo fixed this so that I can have admin account as the owner of all customers devices? My staff list is big



@dbettens ,

Yes, this can be achieved. What you can do is select the device/devices then change owner, so all devices would reflect only the account admin as owner

Hi @Jimmy

Thanks for this, I was just wondering if I need to continue the way I am working, i.e. create a staff user for each customer.

When i started using comodo i found that when all devices where assign to one user, the organisation field was not entered into service ticket meaning that i could not filter tickets by organisation. My work around was to create a staff user for each customer and assign that all the customers devices to that staff user either by MSI or manaul move.

I was just wondering if I need to do this or if the organisation field now passes to the ticket regardless of the owner

Hope this makes sense…


Dave .

Hi @dbettens ,

The organization under which the ticket is created depends only on the User that created the ticket. If the User is assigned to an Organization, SD will populate the corresponding field: (see attached screenshots)


Hi @Jordan_C

I take it that those settings are specific to the service desk and not the c1 portal?
Is there a way to assign a user to multiple organisations?

if not then i assume that i will have to continue the way i am already working with a sperate staff user for each customer/organisation?



Hello @dbettens,

Ability to add a single user to multiple organizations in Service Desk is still on the works and currently shows on the road-map with the following implementation timeline: {Mid-Term (6 to 12 months)}. We will contact you as soon as this timeline becomes more accurate.

Thank you for your patience.

Thank you @Anna_C - I will continue with the way I am already working until I hear otherwise