tightvnc and ultravnc

Hi All,

I am guessing the answer is going to be no here but…

I am confident that comodo1 is the way forward in the way my business runs and I am slowly moving away from centrastage.

Most of my customers are used to how to connect for remote support using centrastage and and are still doing this (even though I tell them not to) when they connect it seems to cause a clash between ultrvmc and tight vnc and makes the RMM tool unusable. When this happens I have had to go in using centrastage and stop the tightvnc service in order to get on to the remote machine using centrastage. I would like to use RMM primarily…so ill stop waffling and get to the point.

Is there anyway to make ultravnc and tightvnc play nicley together perhaps setting different ports?



Hello msitcmatt,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
We have escalated the case to our development team.
We are currently looking in to this issue and we will advise further as soon as possible.

As a workaround, would it be possible to create a Procedure to shell execute a net stop tightvncservicename command?

Hello @PromptCare ,

It depends. I’m not quite sure how that RMM works (assuming that you want to stop centrastage vnc), but if you just stop tightvnc service you might kill Comodo RMM remote too. If CentralStage is using an agent just like Comodo RMM, you might try to stop that service instead (create a procedure with Shell Execute, type in net stop on the first line and <CentralStage_service_name> on the second line). Also, you can run another procedure to disable the CentralStage agent (sc on the first line, config <CentralStage_service> start= disabled on the second line).

or deploy the Shell Execute tool in a session and run

sc config CentralStage_service start= disabled

If you’re migrating clients over, you’re certainly uninstalling the old RMM software, right? So it’ll soon be a non-issue. I’m migrating from MaxFocus (now that their bill has basically doubled) and doing a ton of remote connections to uninstall their agent and install C1.

As for the service, to my understanding, you could have different instances of the same software running under multiple service names (tightvnc, ultravnc) and they’d be independent of each other. Now, if differently-named-but-identical services used the same depenedencies and those got turned off with one service, it would definitely affect the other.

Well, that is the idea. Disabling the tightVNC service will have an impact on all the instances that are running (including Comodo One RMM). That is why I think that having the other service disabled would be a better idea.

Thanks all for your suggestions, I was hoping of keeping centrastage as a backup to remote access for the workstation clients as the centrastage platform does not charge for ‘on demand’ clients and not being able to remote in to a remote contracted business would be a disaster. My reservations over solely using comodo one is a mixture of it being a new application and downtime that may happen along with my own lack of experience with it. I have every faith in comodo being great going forward but would just like an extra tool to give me that backup to remote access. Is anyone using a remote access tool that plays nicely with comodo1?