Time Zone Settings

How do we change ITSM and RMM to reflect or use our time zone settings. when we check on when a device last connected or other time sensitive settings its reflecting GMT times which is misleading for us

@Marveltec Hello, At the current time there is not a way to change the clock settings in ITSM and RMM, they reflect the server’s timezone, but the feature is scheduled for implementation in Quarter 2, 2016.

@Wyatt perfect thank you for the update


Still get incorrect time in ITSM

Hello @Marveltec ,

It is very important how you access ITSM. If the ITSM portal is opened outside of the C1 portal (through a direct link), ITSM will have it’s own time zone configuration page.
If that is not the case here, what is the ITSM section that displays the incorrect time? Could you please provide a print screen of that section and one with your timezone settings in C1?