Timeclock not available

Hi. Ticket timeclocks are not working, cannot use timer, and no option to manually add time anymore. Maybe we broke it yesterday by renaming our staff accounts (example: one was named “Bob Jones” but I renamed it to “FLIT-Bob 407.333.4444” . FLIT is company abbreviation, and following that is phone number (all wrong).

Went in and created new ticket from Agent on a PC, ticket appeared, assigned it to FLIT-Bob , but still the ticket has no timer.

Do we need to rename “FLIT-Bob 407.333.4444” back to “Bob Jones” ?

Thanks for any help – we are going to have to put time into Internal Notes or something now because of this and it makes no sense.

@ithelps ,

We apologize to hear about your reported issue. Please review https://help.comodo.com/topic-289-1-…d-Options.html if there was a change in the manual time entry setting. Optimize your browser and recheck if the issue still persists. You can try to revert as well the process that you have performed.