Tools Available for Deployment on to Endpoint

The followings are mentioned in the help but not available:

  • Issue Tracker
  • Hardware Monitoring Tool
  • Unattended Access Manager

The followings have issues (I’m running Win10 TP):

  • System Inventory (not working; stuck at loading)
  • Hardware Monitoring Tool (displays the message “Geekstein CA and user OS have different architectures”)


I believe Hardware monitor is there but you had problem. It is because of installing the X86 package to X64 architecture machines. Right now, you can select which admin console to install but clients served x86 by default. if you know your client is 64 bit, you can replace the link architecture definition part (x86) of RMM agent with 64.

as an example: console will generate (http://……msi) link for me, then I need to download (http://……msi)

You can test the tool with above workaround.

We are working on this to define the architecture on runtime and serve the agent automatically based on the architecture.

W10 is also under tests from our side. Comodo ONE will be ready before the official release of W10.

Issue tracker and unattended access manager will be investigated further.


I installed the 64-bit agent, now the Hardware Monitoring Tool is working :slight_smile:

I still can’t see the followings:

  • Issue Tracker (btw, I saw this in certain parts of the help, but not in other parts)
  • Unattended Access Manager

System Inventory is stuck same as in x86. Once you click on get information, it’s stuck. When disconnecting the session and reconnecting, it gets stuck at loading.