I’m fairly new to Comodo and I have a simple question that seems to have a simple answer. I understand procedures are ran by Python code, but how exactly does the results from the script display? I’m looking at the procedures from ITSM. I know you can look at the procedure logs in ITSM but it doesn’t show the results. It just shows what was ran and whether it was successful or not. Is there a different module that you would use to view the results of the procedures ran?


Hi @Ming

Please check this admin guide to see where you can see the procedure log details: https://help.comodo.com/topic-399-1-786-10989-Viewing-Procedures-Logs.html


Thanks for your reply. I have looked through that guide for details about the procedure logs but I’m still not finding what I’m looking for.
Here’s an example, say I wanted to run the default procedure, “View all Startup Applications”. I run the procedure on Steve’s PC in sales. When I go to the procedure logs of Steve’s PC, I see what procedures were ran, the time they started and ended, current status, and a link to the details. I click on the link to the log details and a small window pops up giving me only information about when they were successful. No information about the startup applications on Steve’s PC which is originally what I wanted. I’m guessing this is the window where the desired procedure results are supposed to be displayed? If so, then there must be something wrong. Either I’m missing something or I ran it incorrectly. What am I doing wrong or misunderstanding?

Thanks again.

Please click on 3 dots under details column. It is not well designed for you to realise right away and we are working on it to make it better but it should do the job.

Please see other topic that someone else reported before. You can also post your additional questions there.


And here is the screen shot that is well defining the location of those 3 dots.

OHHHHHH! I completely did not see those little dots. I was thinking I had to install Python on all the computers for the scripts to work or something. Haha.

Thank you very much for your help. I appreciate it!

You are welcome :slight_smile: