Hi. Have a question. Now for antivirus protection we use drweb enterprise antivirus.

This is very powerfull antivirus system. We for last 5 years didnt see that drweb pass just one virus.
C1 Endpoint security - how about it defense properties? And how many it cost? For compare - enterprise drweb tarif cost $0.5 per machine per month.

C1 endpoint security - stand alone antivirus product or it must be used with main antivirus at PC?

Default Allow vs Default Deny posture are 2 different postures that exist in endpoint security.
If you can send me an email to melih@comodo.com I can send you all the relevant material to show you why you must run a “Default Deny Security Posture”. Today, everything you see including drweb uses default allow security posture. (Default allow= check for “bad indicator” if not found allow the unknown to execute. This is bad as brand new unknown is executed because it can’t be detected). Of course Default Deny must be practical to use. We have invented that practical default deny security posture.
Also: how many endpoints do u need it for? (do you charge your customer for that?)