TP Patch Logs - in progress

for many EPs I see in the ThirdParty Patch Logs some “in progress” operations.
I can not delete them (because they are in progress)
The reboot of the EP doesn’t changes the “in progress” state.

I think that it should be possible to STOP (with a button I suggest) these loop-in-progress operations.

I suggest as usefull a Patch Management Log (for OS and TP Apps) in the APPLICATION menu, integrated with the DEVICE tree:
here I imagine the list of all Patch commands sent to (all or group) EPs, with all the informations of the actual single device EP log,
so an admin can verify at a glance the results of many patch commansd, and focus on the failed ones.
Of course at the delection of this big list follows the delection of the single Logs in EM device-list.


@stefanoradam ,

We thank you for bringing this insight to our attention. We will gladly share this request to our Development Team for analysis and update you cordially when this improvement becomes available on the production environment.