Track Non-RMM Assets through Discovery

It would be very nice to track things such as printers, copiers, etc (devices discovered) and basically monitor them on the portal also. For example, a copier presents a SNMP error, it could show on the dashboard and we could have a group under the customer called Printers or Copiers and show the model, IP, etc.

Hello @gscoder,

We currently have the ‘hardware asset manager’ feature on our roadmap and have added you on the ticket to to keep you updated.
Timeline: Long-term (more than 12 months).

Thank you for your patience.

Hello @gscoder ,

This is Ayhan Epik, the product manager of Endpoint Manager. I wanted to reach out to you inform the details of the request that you have. As you already know we started to extend our Network Management skills by starting with discovery. Right now, we are planning to create SNMP monitoring and status monitor will be the first thing that we will come up. After that, we already focused on and design SNMP trap and walk and MIB structure so that these needs will be solved.

Let me know if you have any question or concern on this.

We already reached out to you from private chat. We will love to hear your valuable feedback on what we have in hands as design!

Looking forward to hear from you!


The new network management feature mentioned will start to do this for you.

Something to expand on your idea of non-rmm devices could also be…

PAYG / Breakfix
Have Endpoint Manager installed but base profile for branding and remote access and/or AV.

No monitoring, patching etc

MSP client
Full RMM features.

Other than no auto fixes etc, would be good if the security dashboards did not include them for monitoring etc

Just another idea to enable the tools to help us sell our services and Comodo Security solutions.

It will be so good to be able to add a custom OID and create a monitor for it

@Durham_Computing ,

We thank you for making your request visible on this thread. We’ll forward your request to our Developers for analysis and provide an update of their feedback.

hello, I would also like to be added to the ticket for this feature. It is very high on our wish list :).

@sebopen2 ,

Certainly. We’ll get you notified as well.

I agree, this is a pretty key thing over here as well.


We’ve created a support ticket on your behalf so we can add you to the list of people who’s interested with the feature.

Thank you.

Thanks a ton!

Another one here for updates on SNMP. I can’t see any other way of currently monitoring switches/routers/printers or even just the local hardware of the server (RAID, fan, temperature and overall health) which seems the basics before you start whacking on AV products to something!

Hello @iainw,

We will add you in the email update for the SNMP and also relay updates via this forum page. Thank you