Track service dates

We need track customer’s printers and laptops service dates. How we can do it with C1?

Hello @Sergey ,

We will be evaluating SD-CRM integration in 2017Q2. Once Service Desk is integrated with CRM, the processes can be streamlined to accomplish this.

How it will be? User devices lists will be at SD or CRM?
Or user devices list will be published at top of C1 and accesable for all C1 modules?

For ITSM compatibility, the assets can be defined once in the principal source of truth/CMDB and consumed by the modules with the correct reference.

Hello @Sergey ,

We do not have this information yet, but as soon as we close in to this integration, we will provide all the necessary information.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.

… Using child-parent relations