Tracking Patch Status over time

We are trying to develop some metrics to present to our executives regarding what Comodo is doing. We are trying to track data points such as Critical/Optional patches devices need, ITSM version, AV Client version, total updates applied, number of AV definition released over the course of a month, % of compny on current version of AV client/Agent, etc on a day by day basis. Is there any report that can track this data or an API we can tap into in order to generate this data?

Thank you those reports are not exactly what we are looking for. So far I have been taking the data from under Security Status, Devices with Critical Patch Available and Devices with Optional Patches. I have been capturing that data daily, copying it into a spreadsheet and having it convert the raw data to a line chart, similar to the way Comodo shows Ticket Status. This way we can see all that information over time, and present it in a way that is much easier to show and explain to the Executive team who know very little about IT in general.

While I would prefer to automate this, I can do this all manually, the only issue is if I am out or forget to capture the data one day. Is there any way to view past data, for example the patch status of computers last week? Or is this something I need to capture on a daily basis? Is this type of information stored at all?

@jhall ,

Thank you for your feedback. As of the moment, historical data of the dashboard widgets is not an available functionality yet. It only displays real-time data collected from the EM Portal.