Transfer Files Question

I have been trying to use the transfer files feature, my question is, does the software have built in ftp support?? I have tried several times, and keep getting an error saying that the technician encountered an error with ftp server. I have tried disabling all firewalls, surely all set up is dome through the rmm package, and I would also think it would open ports needed. I am also thinking that user should not matter, since the software was set up with admin privileges. Thanks again for your help.


Yes, we have built in FTP server. We escalated issue, looks like we need improvements to prevent these occasional fails.

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OK, Thanks, looking forward to this product, as I see some great potential in it. I am also very thrilled about the 7/29 release, looking forward to it, and keep up the good work guys!!!

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Its a team work, its by working together we are going to create amazing things for the MSP community and make sure all our MSP friends have a very profitable business!

I found the issue seems to be, that I was trying to transfer unzipped folders. When I transferred single files, worked great, zipped my folder, and seems to transfer correctly.

Good to hear that. Please let us know if you need anything else.

An idea: This could be an automated task, folder of files is zipped, transferred and then unzipped. User gives the start and end location of the files.

Good suggestion, taken to the road map.